Our name & logo: The story

January 2018
Written by Prash Naidu

Our name & logo: The story
The image that inspired the Rezonence logo, courtesy of Wikipedia.

I find that I regularly tell the story of how we came to be called Rezonence and how the logo was designed. As some find this story interesting, I thought I’d commit it to this blog.

The Name

Finding a good name for a startup can feel like a near impossible task. Ideally the following conditions are met:

  • It’s short and memorable
  • The .com address is available
  • It’s representative of what the company does or stands for

Satisfying all three conditions is very difficult mostly because just about every .com address imaginable has been taken. The most obvious solution is to go for a .io extension but we wanted to avoid doing this; I felt we just needed to work at being creative.

The inspiration for our name came from learning that digital ads are served into what an adops person might call zones such as the homepage zone, sports zone, etc. We felt that FreeWall® would eventually result in a dramatic change to the digital advertisiting eco-system, to the extent that we would “re-zone” the landscape. We also felt that FreeWall® created a strong and previously lacking resonance between publishers, their audience and advertisers. The name Rezonence was thus born.

Christmas Tree
Our 2016 Power Hour invitation.

If coming up with the name was difficult, the logo created an entirely different set of problems. Now we had a vast surplus of ideas, concepts, colour schemes, opinions, etc. To help us reduce the number of options, we decided that the logo needed to satisfy the following critera:

  • Be clearly recognisable even if it was displayed very small
  • Retain it’s impact in monochrome
  • Be dynamic and convey a sense of progress
  • Be consistent with the name
  • Encode the concept of 3 for publishers, advertisers and readers
Cocktail Glass
Our 2017 Power Hour invitation.

Unfortunately, once we applied these criteria, we ended up discarding every logo we had, so we had to start from scratch. As a physicist I turned to charts about resonance for inspiration and the figure above turned out to be just what we needed. Despite working with more than one graphics artist, it was ultimately my wife Raquel who as an architect was able to turn it into the logo we now use; it passes every criteria with flying colours.

It’s also proven to be a surprisingly flexible as the images of the different invitations we have used it for show.

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