Accenture and Rezonence talk about the growing importance of DMPs
By James Field
Accenture and Rezonence talk about the growing importance of DMPs

This past month, Accenture and Rezonence put on two insightful talks entitled “Targeting Pole Position for Data Enrichment”, focussing on the value of data and the growing importance of Data Management Platforms (DMPs) in today’s advertising landscape. Charlie Crideford, Digital Marketing Controller at Sky and Sandy Ghuman, Campaign Planning and Delivery Controller in Sky’s Data and Insights Team ran the two audiences through Sky’s DMP journey, their successes and the hurdles they’ve faced as one of the earliest DMP adopters in the UK. Their presentation, followed by a panel which added the views of Elizabeth Calwell, from Mediacom, our very own Katy Eckersley and chaired by Amir Malik from Accenture covered all things data, multi-company co-operation and what 2018 may hold.

Their discussion also highlighted the unique role Rezonence and FreeWall® have played in enriching Sky’s DMP, the first media owner to do so. Below are our four key takeaways from the event:

DMPs and industry shifts will lead to an improved advertising experience for customers.

First and foremost advertising is about taking to consumers and by collecting the right data and leveraging it correctly within a DMP, brands will be able to fuel their media plan and offer consumers personalised and relevant advertising experiences.

Amir echoed this shift towards a consumer-centric approach, highlighting that he sees 2018 as a year of opportunity, with legal and tech developments such as GDPR and Safari & Firefox updates putting the consumer first, particularly when it comes to advertising.

A DMP is a fantastic tool that will improve media spend ROI for advertisers of all sizes.

By collecting data such as who is already a customer, brands will be able to reduce their ad wastage and ensure the correct messaging is served to each consumer. For Sky this was particularly important, as new and existing Sky TV customer require very different messages and calls to action.

Rezonence are the first media partner to enrich Sky’s DMP.

As Sandy and Charlie highlighted, Rezonence were the first media partner to pass back consumer preference data to create unique segments within Sky’s DMP. The explicit data FreeWall®’s Q&A mechanic was able to capture on Sky customers favourite sports, meant that relevant and useful segments could be created for future Sky Sports campaigns to target against.

DMPs are a big undertaking.

One key point raised by Charlie and Sandy of Sky is that a DMP journey is not a short one, it is a long term strategy that requires time, collaboration and patience to deliver success.

The stakeholders needed are not just within the brand itself, it requires the DMP provider, the media agency and media partners to work together to make sure that all pipes are set up correctly and that everything delivers as expected.

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