Rezonence attends the Sky Media Innovation Awards (MIAs)
By James Field
Rezonence attends the Sky Media Innovation Awards (MIAs)

A few weeks ago we attended the Sky Media Innovation Awards (MIAs); it was a fantastic evening and showcased numerous Sky campaigns that pushed the tech and innovation boundaries, helping to reinforce Sky’s place as was one of the most innovative advertisers in the market.   As part of the MIAs, Sky themed the entrance and reception “the High Street of the Future”, asking the tech companies and media owners in attendance to envision how technological developments could have an effect on the lives of the average consumer in the future.   At Rezonence we’re all about monetising human attention, allowing consumers to pay not through their wallets but simply by paying attention. It was an awards show after all, so what better way to take monetising human attention to the next level than by allowing attendees to pay for their beer with their attention!

How did we do this you ask!? There was only one solution in our eyes… a mind-controlled beer-pouring robot! Yes, you read that right.   We coupled Strange Thoughts’ beer-pouring robots with a Rezonence FreeWall® and allowed a consumer to pour their own beer simply by paying attention. The more you concentrated, the better the beer you poured!

Unsurprisingly, the beer and robot combination garnered a lot of attention and intrigued people throughout the night. We had everything from Jedi-level pint pouring with the perfect amount of head, to some undrinkable pints of froth! We hope everyone enjoyed having a go and most importantly learned that FreeWall will be able to let consumers pay for not just premium journalism, but plenty of other things in the future (including beer)!   Well done to all the award winners, the runners up and most importantly, to those that managed to pour themselves a pint from the future!

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