Sky Sports Case Study
By Rezonence
Sky Sports Case Study

Sky Sports objective with this campaign was to target existing customers, and to understand which sport they were most excited about. We were able to gather over 400,000 data points for Sky, with the preference data being ingested into the Sky Adobe DMP, enriching their 1st party data to then use for re-targeting with other media partners.

The campaign ran across a number of a biggest publishing partners, including Reach, Haymarket and ESI Media.

FreeWall® offers an unparalleled opportunity to create bespoke 1st party data; a one on one conversation. Each answer unlocks the rest of the article, allowing you to collect valuable data on questions of specific interest and importance to you, and your brand.

With FreeWall®, you don’t need to be limited by existing data, you can create the perfect segments for your business by directly asking consumers the questions that you need answered. You can then use these segments to target consumers with the right products for them — allowing you to provide a truly consultative and personalised digital advertising experience.

And when it comes to The GDPR, you can relax. Our data is deterministic — as users are openly choosing to provide you with their answers — not opportunistic; with these voluntary responses coming from anonymous, demonstrably real people.

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