Jordans Case Study
By Rezonence
Jordans Case Study

Jordans objective with this campaign was to help shift consumer perception around the composition of their granola. FreeWall® allowed Jordans to educate readers that their granola is made from nothing but delicious, natural ingredients, with our Cost Per Engagement mechanism meaning Jordans only paid when a reader had confirmed that they understood the messages.

The campaign ran across a number of a biggest publishing partners, including Reach, Bauer and Immediate Media. FreeWall® uses active recall to stimulate the brain, ensuring your message gets remembered. FreeWall® loads with the page, after two paragraphs. Below it, content is hidden until the reader engages. Only one answer will unlock the rest of the article.

Readers must answer correctly before they can continue reading — and importantly, before you pay — meaning you can be sure that they’ve understood exactly what you wanted them to.

Active recall is the decisive factor for recall from memory. It forces the brain to process and retrieve the correct answer, allowing information to be transferred from short-term to long-term memory.

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Intro to FreeWall®

You're about to see how a FreeWall® works. You'll be seeing this inside one of our own articles instead of an article from one of our premium publishers. This is only a demo, your answer isn't being used and no personal data is being collected.

As you scroll down, you'll notice that content after the first two paragraphs is locked. To unlock it all you have to do is answer the question in the FreeWall®.