Healthista Case Study
By Rezonence
Healthista Case Study

Healthista was amoungst the first of our publishers to see the light, and remove all other adverts from the page — going FreeWall® Only. Through its vastly superior advertising performance — owed largely to its Cost Per Engagement payment model — FreeWall® is able to generate enough yield to remove all other display advertising from the page.

Just one FreeWall® per user per week is enough for Healthista to sustainably monetise their digital content, whilst providing readers with a significantly improved user experience — with no adverts competing for their attention and fast loading pages. On top of this, Healthista are able to offer their advertisers a vastly superior product, giving them 100% share of voice to educate consumers or gather valuable data. With a FreeWall® Only experience, everyone truly is a winner.

And the results? Well, Healthista has seen extremely positive performance, considerably higher than all the FreeWall® averages, at 62%.

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