Rezonence’s approach to brand safety

Rezonence take brand safety very seriously, with all our FreeWall® products running only on a whitelist of premium editorial publishing sites. This is completely transparent and clients are able to run across our full whitelist or cherry pick certain sites based on campaign requirements.

We handpick our publishing partners and vet and integrate them ourselves to ensure ultimate levels of quality and to maintain our existing standards. No publishers join our portfolio via a third party and there is no syndication of Rezonence placements to third party sites.

In order to ensure our ads don’t appear next to brand inappropriate editorial content we work with Grapeshot to negatively target key segments which are naturally deemed unsafe for brands. (These include tobacco / drugs / alcohol, violence, terrorism, obscenity, hate speech, drugs, sex, adult content and injury).

Additionally, if clients have specific or tailored keywords / content they are keen to not appear against then this can also be factored into campaign set-up.

Rezonence also provides reporting down to URL level so clients are able to see exactly which domains, sections and articles their brand has appeared against.

Take down policy

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that if any campaign needs to be paused / taken down we will action this within two hours during the working week (9am – 6pm Monday – Friday) or within the timescale specified in individual Terms and Conditions. If the request comes outside of these hours, we will endeavour to have it actioned within 2 hours of the next working day at the latest, if not sooner. Most typically this is due to either external events or creative messaging changes.

Requests to take down ads must be communicated via an email to the following email alias ( and it will be addressed by a member of the team.

The contractual consequences of any ad misplacement will be defined in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed or on a case by case basis.

Publisher whitelist

We operate purely on a whitelist of premium publishers which are by their nature brand safe. Any brand unsafe content will be blocked via the Grapeshot blacklisted segments.

We can implement blacklists upon request but no site we work with would normally be considered a “blacklisted” site.