FreeWall® is a revolutionary solution to effectively monetising digital content while keeping it free.


The 3rd monetisation strategy.

FreeWall® takes the best of free access (large audience) and paywall (high revenue per user) strategies to deliver far superior monetisation compared to either legacy strategy.

High-yield advertising.

FreeWall® is capable of generating in excess of £100 eCPM on Desktop and Mobile, making it the highest yielding advertising solution available to publishers.1

  • Freewall130eCPM
  • Industry Average4

Harnessing engagement.

FreeWall® is essentially a frictionless micropayments solution which has long been considered the holy grail for monetising content.

A user “pays” for content with just a second or two of their time and attention. As every user has the ability to pay, content remains universally accessible.

ipad demo

Low frequency, high impact.

Users are never asked for more than one engagement a week which makes FreeWall® a low frequency but high impact form of advertising. This is vastly superior to banner advertising which is a high frequency but low impact experience.

  • Q&A FreeWall®52Engagement2
  • Industry average2
  • Q&A FreeWall®340improvement in brand recall 3
  • Leaderboard29
generating data

Generating valuable data.

FreeWall® can be used to generate bespoke and deterministic data at scale. This allows publishers to better understand and segment their audiences.

Fewer ads, more content.

Nobody likes multiple ads on a page, users especially dislike them but so do editors and advertisers too. The yield that FreeWall® generates is so high that all other ads on a page can be removed resulting in a dramatically cleaner and fast loading website.


Growing user acceptance.

As readers become more accustomed to engaging with FreeWalls®, we see engagement rates and therefore eCPMs and yields more than double.4

  • 2nd FreeWall® exposure81Engagement
  • 1st FreeWall® exposure35

Good company.

Join the ever growing list of publishers that are already using FreeWall®.

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