Whatever your message, whoever your target audience, you can communicate more effectively with FreeWall®.


100% Viewability.

FreeWall® is setting new standards in advertising, solving what previously seemed like unsolvable problems, which all starts with viewability.1

  • FreeWall®100viewability
  • Industry Average40

0% Ad-blindness.

Just because your ad is viewable doesn’t mean it’s been viewed. FreeWall®’s “Cost Per Engagement” model means you only pay when a user has seen and engaged with your ad.2

  • FreeWall®100viewed
  • DMPU22
  • Billboard17
  • MPU13
  • Leaderboard6

0% Fraud.

FreeWall® requires a proven human engagement to unlock the article, and you only pay per engagement. We also only work directly with premium publishers. Fraud is therefore entirely eliminated.

  • FreeWall®100fraud free
  • Industry Average80
premium environment

A premium environment.

We will only place your adverts with our trusted list of blue chip publishers, meaning we are always serving your ads in the very best environments.

brand safe environment

100% brand safety.

We protect you by only working directly with premium publishers. This means you’ll never have to worry about your ads being trafficked across open networks with poor quality, questionable, fake or damaging content.

Our brand safety policy

Ad-fraud. A grave issue.

The scale of the problem is terrifying; it is already second only to the drugs trade as a source of funding for organised crime and potentially terrorism. We all have a responsibility to stop it.

  • Global digital ad spend66
  • Cost of ad-fraud16lost3

Wasteful banners.

Taken together, fraud, viewability and ad-blindness mean that on average a staggering 94% of traditionally spent digital budget is wasted.

20% lost to fraud4

60% lost to viewability

80% lost to ad-blindness

Eliminating wastage.

FreeWall®’s design, coupled with CPE based buying on premium publishers ensures that you only pay for proven human engagements. You therefore always get 100% of the reach you paid for, eliminating all waste and significantly increasing ROI.

  • FreeWall® (CPE)100paid for reach
  • Banners (CPM)6

A proven track record.

FreeWall® has consistently outperformed industry averages since launch in 2014 and it continues to offer unrivalled performance.

  • Q&A FreeWall® average42Engagement 5
  • Industry average2
  • Video FreeWall® average79Video completion 6
  • Industry average12
fuelling campaigns

Fuelling campaigns.

FreeWall® enables you to gather bespoke and deterministic data at scale allowing you to segment your audience to fuel your media plans and much much more.

See for yourself.

You can see for yourself how a FreeWall® works. Click on any of the examples below to see a FreeWall® in action on our blog.


Jordans used our right/wrong style Q&A FreeWall® to educate their audience that only natural ingedients are used in their products.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports used our survey style Q&A FreeWall® to inform and segment users based on their preference for their new dedicated channels.

Capital One

Capital One used our Video FreeWall® product to help drive awareness of their many ways of keeping your credit in check.

Good company.

Join the ever growing list of brands that are already using FreeWall®.

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