We’re a weird and wonderful bunch, who have created a weird and wonderful place to work, with a weird and wonderful story.


What we believe in.

We have worked hard to instill our core values into everything we do at Rezonence, from our products through to our customer service. We make sure every new Rezonite believes in these values, and make sure that they put these values at the heart of everything they do.



We encourage purposeful risk taking to allow people to think creatively and outside the box. This helps us stay ahead of the curve.



Whatever you are doing, love what you are doing and really go for it. Whether it’s in the office, or a company event, enjoy yourself!



We love to have fun, both in house, and with our clients. But the one thing that sets us apart is our professionalism, and the service we are always looking to provide.

Power to people.

The key to Rezonence is people working together and being happy, internally and externally. Nothing is more important to us, and we have a great team of fun, happy and smart people, who create the perfect atmosphere to thrive in.

Membership & Awards.

Rezonence is always looking to innovate, and position itself as a true force for good in the industry. As such, we are always looking to join like-minded bodies trying to bring about change. And every now and then, we are even recognised for the good work we are doing.

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