Shop Direct – Very “Spring Summer Video”

Personal preference is the driving force behind changes in style and each season’s fashion trends. Very used the FreeWall® question and answer procedure to allow women to self-select the Very Spring Summer Trend that they preferred.

Upon selection, the FreeWall® layered experience created a personalised user journey for the consumer. It revealed extra information and outfits from the preferred trend, establishing a deeper level of consumer engagement in addition to the enhanced performance.

Direct response advertising is the main stay of online advertising and FreeWall® helps to drive transactions by enhancing its effectiveness.

FreeWall® is an in-stream ad format that is bought on a CPE pricing model to guarantee 100% engagement, 100% viewability and 0% fraud. By using our Q and A format we consistently deliver unprecedented levels of brand and product recall. The format is so effective that we only need to target online users once per campaign. By doing this we not only drastically improve the reach of the brand’s message, we ensure that this reach is unique every time. Our 4% click through rate massively exceeds the average of ordinary advertising formats (0.1% according to DoubleClick) and this can be attributed to the flexibility of our format which incorporates your video assets and a call to action simultaneously.

Our relationship with premium publishers guarantees that we deliver an unrivalled, unparalleled and unbeatable depth of partnership. More importantly, our format creates a meaningful connection between a brand and their audience. FreeWall® unlocks long term memory encoding which leads to a 86% success rate for brand recall, as confirmed by a NEURO-INSIGHT study. What is crucial about the access FreeWall® provides to a user’s long term memory encoding is that it allows the brand’s message to become an integral part of the user’s present and future thought processes. Encoding is the first crucial step in moulding a new memory and FreeWall® ensures that brands secure their place in the process.