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Choosing not to go to University

I started at Rezonence merely three days after receiving my A-Level results to become their apprentice. At first this prospect so soon after school scared me as my peers were still in the summer limbo waiting for university to start. Although, now, almost four months into my apprenticeship, I’ve realized what a privileged position I am in. Not only am I achieving a qualification in Digital Marketing and receiving a salary, utmost importantly, I work at Rezonence, a start up company with big ambitions, a super friendly team and a real drive within.

Working at Rezonence has been an eye opener for me. I’m engaged daily in both creative and technical work providing me with real challenges, but I’m also extensively learning about the media industry from hands on experience. Based in the heart of Covent Garden, office life is better than your average at Rezonence, team meetings in the piazza, after work team events like Ping Pong and Bowling. I was expecting a lot more doom and gloom from working life coming straight from school, but luckily for me, this is actual work.

All things aside, the welcoming arms and motivating words from the Rezonence team are what makes my time here the most special. I was quickly given my own responsibilities with full trust from my colleagues as well as plenty of guidance along the way. What I like most about Rezonence is the lack of hierarchy that exists, despite me being 19 and the likes of Tim and Rowly being such big characters within the industry.

Applying for an apprenticeship at Rezonence is undoubtedly one of the wisest choices I’ve lived to make, and I really promote this route for school leavers. If you’re anything like me, and have the choice of university, a full time job or an apprenticeship, I would advise the latter purely for the experience and extra year thinking time. I’m only four months into my 13 month placement here at Rezonence, and my future already seems ten times clearer compared to how I was feeling on results day.

Oh, and I haven’t been asked to make a single coffee yet.

By Scarlett Betts